Here I Go Again – This Time, Arizona

I’m taking a long walk again.  This time it’s in Arizona – all Arizona – and I start on April 4th, just two weeks from today.  I hope you’ll follow the adventure.


I knew it was still in me.  I still have the bug.  Call it want you want.  But I want to get out into the great outdoors again, with everything I need on my back, to see and hear and smell nature’s beauty.  I want the simple life, if only for a few weeks.  I want to test myself again, two years older than when I trekked the Pacific Crest Trail; five since my first big hike, the Appalachian Trail.  I want to explore.  I want to share my story as it develops with my friends and family in New York and Florida and the others I’ve come to know.  I want to see if I can succeed, and I believe I will.  Follow me as I hike the Arizona Trail.

The Arizona Trail is one of 11 national scenic trails.  It is 800 miles long, in a fairly straight south-north orientation, connecting the state’s southern border with Mexico with the Utah state line.  I expect that it will take me about six weeks to do the whole thing.  The AZT is short by comparison to its two big sisters – the 2,220 mile AT and the 2,600 mile PCT.  You don’t know how many people this winter have said to me with a smile, “Yeah, it’s ONLY 800 miles.”  That’s true, and it will seem abbreviated compared to what I’ve tackled before, but I presume no easy walk in the park.  It will be dry, and it will be fairly hot, and anything can happen.  But I’m confident that I can make it to the end.

I’ll close this first blog and make sure it publishes the way Scott told me to do it.  I don’t want to waste too much typing if I’ve messed up.  Once I see it’s there, I’ll try a Facebook entry for the first time in well over a year to give the alert.  If all goes well, I’ll write a few more blogs over the next few days.

The hike suddenly seems so much more real to me now that I’ve officially put my plan out there to you.  I’m really excited now!

Blue Moon

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