My 1st Step to the Arizona Trail

Tonight is my last night at my winter home here in North Ft. Myers, FL.  Tomorrow my scenery changes, and I take the first step towards Arizona.  The Internet gets turned off in a couple hours, so I’ll hustle off this little pre-hike narrative.

Tomorrow Mrs. Terry and I will pack the car and then give a six-month good-bye to our friends at Six Lakes.  We’ll drive three hours north to daughter Ashley’s house in Orlando.  We’ll spend the weekend there, and on Monday I’ll drop Terry and her mother off at the airport for their flight home to New York and I’ll begin my 20 hour car ride north.

On Tuesday I’ll reach home and join Terry.  Late that night Ashley flies home.  Our son, Scott, and his wife, Promise, and little girls Nora and Everly, who live in Reno, will arrive during the day.  Everly is nine months old and this will be her first time to meet Aunt Ashley and the rest of the Bliss and Drake families.  We’ll be blissfully together for four days.

On Easter Sunday, April 1st, Ashley returns to Orlando, Mrs. Terry joins Scott and family to fly back to Reno for a three week visit, and I stay put for two days until I fly to Tucson to begin my hike.

Coming next will be details about gear for this hike and the mail drops I’ve just sent.

Blue Moon

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