In 24 Hours…

Tuesday Morning, Cooperstown, NY

I’ll be in Tucson late tonight.  Just about this time tomorrow I’ll throw my pack into the back seat of my shuttle ride to the AZ-Mexico border, and then my journey will begin.

I’m about to experience by foot the diversity of Arizona and the great American West.  I’ll hike through the Sonoran Desert, see and smell the world’s largest ponderosa forest, and step into and then out of the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

I’ll hike through the Superstition Wilderness, into Alamo Canyon and past Whiterock Mesa.  I’ll be near Native American reservations and re-charge in trail communities like Vail, Oracle and Summerhaven.  I’ll visit at least two ranches, stay in a bunkhouse, and sit down to eat with people wearing cowboy hats.

I’ll see wildflowers in springtime bloom, orange and purple sunsets, and shooting stars in a dark, dark sky.  If I’m lucky, I’ll see a bear, hear a coyote and step safely afar from a diamondback rattler.

Come out and join me tomorrow morning.  Doors open at 7; the show begins at 9.

2 thoughts on “In 24 Hours…

  1. Theresa

    Your first step is my first step. Your first day’s journey is mine. Your first night’s rest is mine. You are in my heart everywhere you roam….always and forever a team. I love you H.


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